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My Writing Plan

Today is the last day of this week, a not so productive week in terms of story writing, the focus HAS been on this blog which I don’t necessarily see as a bad thing since blogging is new to me and I’m just trying to get into a good rhythm with both mediums.

I found a blog recently which talked about prioritising the REAL things, the things we want to do, alongside all the obstacles that end up getting in the way and see how the focus can slowly shift by constantly writing these lists down, so I want to attempt to do that in this post:

WANTS (The things I’d love to do a lot more of)

Continue writing my book

Gather a portfolio of work

Learn more about WordPress

Go to the gym <— the only thing on this list I do regularly, but not enough for the price I pay!

Give my cats more attention

Meditate, do some Yoga, empty my mind of any stresses

Read a book, listen to some music

Watch a film on Netflix with my husband (have a night off from all of the above)


NEEDS (These tend to be the main priority, as I’m typing them out I can see how feeble they are)

Ironing (took me an hour tonight!)

Odd jobs around the house I couldn’t achieve during the day – paperwork, fixing broken toys, cleaning the cat trays, deep cleaning the house


Reply back to people in messaging services (something I dislike doing during the day if I know it’s going to be a long conversation, so I have to wait until my children are in bed before replying) <—this is an evening killer if I’m not careful

Sorting out the plans for the next day or upcoming week e.g. make sure there’s plenty of food in the house for my children or make sure there’s cash in the house for play groups, and then acting accordingly.


Wow, I honestly thought there’d be more in the second list but I can’t think of any.  Now the list has been written let’s see where I am 7 days down the line with exercise.  Nearly everything in the Needs list is done every single night and they CAN take up the whole evening on occasion. This is why I’d like to have another 5 or 6 hours added into a day just so I can get everything done without fail or excuse.

I need to get my brain into gear, climb aboard the motivation train, put my fingers to the keyboard and override all obstacles in my head and just do it.  I’ve read so many inspirational blogs, there’s been so many wise and profound words that I must go and show the world what I am capable of with my writing – so I shall sign off now, wipe the slate clean and think/dream positively for the future! I wish you all well fellow writers, if you want something so badly you’ll do anything to make it happen right? bye bye unproductive week, hello to a new jam packed productive one!









"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

4 thoughts on “My Writing Plan

  1. Three tips of varying usefulness that have helped me, for whatever they may be worth:

    1. If you don’t have a planner already, even something like one of those little spiral top pocket size notebooks can help organize your schedule (a favorite of mine).

    2. Regimenting parts of your schedule is your absolute friend. If you’re running into issue with things taking up a whole night unexpectedly (been there for sure!), set a timer, get done what gets done, and push what can wait to the next day/scheduled block.

    3. If you’re having idea block, take a step back and try outlining your story further. It’s worked well for me to step out of the weeds of a story and architect the story further; you may find that parts of the story become natural and obvious steps after.

    Keep it up!


    1. Hi J.R, thanks for stopping by! Yes I was afraid of the 3rd point but I think thats what I need to do this week. It kind of feels like a step backwards as I wouldn’t be writing but it’s a necessary step I need to take.


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  2. It may help mentally to consider preparation work writing. I know that as writers we want to see the word count of our direct draft rise, but if spend several hours working on outlines, and then you go to convert them to copy, you’ve already done a substantive part of the heavy lifting, and it was time well spent. It’s always a step forwards if you do it with intention. Good luck!

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