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I Look Like This

Today, as I was cleaning up after breakfast, I smacked my head on the corner of the kitchen cupboard and knew it was a bad bludgeon of a knock right away.

When I went to pick my husband at the train station he noticed it, thankfully the duck egg lump that accompanied the blood had subsided, but he still had a chuckle and made the comparison to the Low Men from the Dark Towers books. I didn’t get the reference until I googled it.

Yep I feel and look exactly like it.

Bloody corners!!!

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I Want A Job

The title says it all.  Here is my not so picky list of what is it I’m after:

  1. A writing job.
    1. Online in any kind of work, content writer, blogger, journalist, editor etc.
  2. Work from home only.
  3. The hours I’m looking for are 19:00 – 22:00 7 nights a week (at a push I could creep in a couple of extra hours here and there at the weekend).

Are those requirements too demanding?

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I Feel Like There Is A Block

This past week my writing has either been in the hundreds per session or really off tangent and sometimes a mixture of both.  I thought it was down to prioritising WordPress but I think I’m having a block as I have no inspiration to want to write out that story currently, feel like it needs a rest. Grr, so annoying!

I will give myself a weekend break from it and pick up again properly on Monday, start the week afresh and positive.

Wish me luck.