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Should I?

Ok so admittedly  I am loving my blog and I’m trying to showcase my new motivation and writing to the world. I love Twitter so have linked it up there as well as tumblr and Linkdin. But here’s the big question, do I link it with evil facebook?

I used to have an account years ago but was going through a very tough part in my life and FB did nothing but make things worse. I feel like I do not need the stupid thing but it could be a good way to tell people who know me, about me. 

I tried setting up a page rather than going back to a personal one and already I’m wondering if it’s a big mistake.

What would you do?


"I loved writing as a child, loved making up silly stories. They came built-in to my brain, almost like an Ikea instruction manual. The focus these days is to figure out how to now turn them into books" Tanya Butler, June 2018

2 thoughts on “Should I?

  1. Hi there! I have gone back and forth with this sooo many times. Good thing to know is if you do choose to link it, you can decide to post each blog post to Facebook or not. Some posts I share and some I don’t.

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    1. Hi there. Yes I have set up a page and linked it to the old account I had, which was stripped bare way back when to stop me from going back. The good thing with WordPress is that I can see where people have viewed the posts from,so if FB comes up with 0 after a certain amount of time I can just close it and be done with that avenue!

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