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I Did It

I found a little challenge earlier, thanks to lrmauck for this, it’s something which is more than nothing.

Weekend Challenge #13

Here is my entry, a Haiku, I’ve always wanted to do one but am also not that alert.


If I’m being honest…

I can’t be bothered

It’s hard to keep at something

Because I’m tired

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Should I?

Ok so admittedly  I am loving my blog and I’m trying to showcase my new motivation and writing to the world. I love Twitter so have linked it up there as well as tumblr and Linkdin. But here’s the big question, do I link it with evil facebook?

I used to have an account years ago but was going through a very tough part in my life and FB did nothing but make things worse. I feel like I do not need the stupid thing but it could be a good way to tell people who know me, about me. 

I tried setting up a page rather than going back to a personal one and already I’m wondering if it’s a big mistake.

What would you do?