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One Of Those Nights

Today I have written roughly 800 words in total, dotted throughout the day but I’ve had a lot of odd jobs to catch up on this evening so needed to make them a priority tonight.  I should in theory have more time at the weekend to do some writing.

I have wrote about a character who is a bit lost and needs some guidance so he turns to his brother for help.  The end of the last paragraph I wrote is a bit dark and foreboding and I can’t help but think that I’m going to have to be a bit brutal with some characters but I think of my audience and am trying my hardest to keep it as light-hearted as possible.

I have to be realistic with this, there will be nights where I may not be able to write anything either on here or my story, I have a gym membership and still like to go so I need to fine tune my work pattern, give myself breaks, allow for mishaps to happen but as long as I can keep this momentum going the motivation will still be there to continue.


As a side note I realise that I’ve ended 2 out of 3 paragraphs with BUT statements, see how I’m convincing myself it’s all good still? Well it is because I’m doing the writing, not just thinking of it in my head.  Woo!

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Last Entry Before Summer Holidays

Currently I have free time during the day to either write or blog but with summer holidays just round the corner I can kiss that free time goodbye.

I will still write as much as I can and keep updating on here but the posts might be smaller than normal.

Presently my brain isn’t cooperating today, think the road blocks and temporary traffic lights have been put back into action.  Let’s see if some coffee will help bulldoze through them!