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Not A Good Night

Ok, whilst writing I realised I needed to do a bit of important online shopping (not clothes before you ask) and I needed a shower and then needed to sort the cat food out tonight so not much was done for my book.  I got just under 200 words though and I’m not going to compare it to other writing sessions I’m simply going to see what tomorrow brings instead.

I have noticed though that my brain is slowly gearing up every night for some writing, it used to come up with some lame excuse as to why something else needed to be done all the time.  Good progress there brain, good progress.

I will sign off for tonight as it’s bed time, see you all tomorrow readers.

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Thoughts For Tonight

As I’m waiting for Word to open I’m sat here wondering what I shall write tonight, I feel like I need to write a different scene.  Let’s see where I am in a few hours.  Wish me luck!