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Not As Good As Earlier…

But I have written some more this evening, it’s the part of the story where the king’s brother has discovered something disastrous and goes on the rampage. I could’ve written more but am extremely tired so am calling it a night.

I got through 231 this evening, so a significantly lower amount this morning, I think I work better in the mornings but can’t make this happen everyday with being a stay at home mum. I have to fit it in whenever I can.

231 is better than nothing though

I’m calling it a win.

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Is It Really Happening?

I’m becoming Daisy Steiner. For those who aren’t familiar with the TV show “Spaced”, I have so many things to thank it for.  It was the first show I obsessed over, used to record all the adverts when they appeared, used to cut out all the newspaper clippings any time it appeared – I loved it.  I understood all the references and felt like it was talking to me on many levels, the story telling plus the acting was top notch.

After finishing college there must have been about 2-3 years where I didn’t do anything other than work in stop-gap type work.  Then I decided to go to Uni.  Having a good hard think about what to do, writing in a professional environment made sense, so I went and applied to the nearest campus and got in.  The next bit I have only ever told my husband but a massive motivation for wanting to script write for film and TV was in fact “Spaced”.  I have so much to thank it for, I met my husband on the exact same course and we have been together for over 10 years – the rest they say is history.

I think it dawned on me last night that I’m slowly becoming Daisy, spooky eh?

I want to write but then spend hours in front of my bedroom window bogling to Aswad.  Just kidding!! When my children aren’t looking I like to have a full on twerk. Am I kidding now?


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And The Results Are In

I quite enjoy it when I can just write without overthinking things, it is like my brain connections have removed their traffic cones, barriers, stop signs and it’s all a go go go.  Everything makes sense, nothing is wrong and it’s all perfect writing, no need to edit or re-do a single thing.

So drum roll

I got to 1330 words in 80 minutes, woo!

I’m very happy, I know it’ll all need working on later but I have wrote it and I think that was an obstacle I just had to either jump over or collapse at and cave in.  But I did it – yay!

I gave up on writing the end for now, I have the bulk of it and instead I concentrated on the chapter which was the catalyst for the whole story.

Here is a snippet:

Normally Hal was awake before the alarm, like children typically are, and would be mooching around the floor waiting for Clark.  Today he was still in bed.

Now if I could only be in this exact frame of mind every time I sit in front of the laptop then I’d be winning. Must remember to be this positive about it tonight!

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Little Target

My youngest is having his nap as we speak. I have just gone to a generic website to get a figure for word count per minute.  I got 60! woo.  If I now get 90 minutes to myself, in theory I could type out 5400 words – wowsers.  But with the nature of the writing this might only be half, if not a quarter.  Will go straight to my story and see what my word count is like come 12:10pm.

Fingers crossed it’ll be more than a couple of hundred