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Mini Review: One Week On

I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. Why did I spend so many years hoping one day it’ll all come together perfectly and I’d be able to call myself a writer? I spend so much time on the internet I could, in a way, call myself a ‘volunteer internet reader’ who works 24/7, skill set includes:

  • having 20+ tabs open all the time
  • psychic email predictor ( as in every time my phone ‘bloops’ I know exactly who the email is from and why)
  • I have extensive knowledge in how to distinguish a good website from a shoddy one
  • Willingness to sit and wait for that magical website which gives me free money or shoes.

7 days on and the blog is going well, the writing is going OK but I am writing bits nearly everyday. There have been moments where the idea doesn’t seem to work out and there have been doubts BUT overall the drive/fire I wanted to keep at is still there and that’s what I want to work on.

Next review in another 7 days. Tick Tock Tick Tock

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The Unveiling Choice

My main character reveals something big to the town in which he lives and have decided to just write it out and see where it gets me.  I will see how the characters react to the news and then decide if it should go right at the end or midway through.

Current thoughts are leading me to think it’ll be midway through so I can add a bit more conflict. If I add it right at the end it potentially means everyone MUST be OK with the reveal and that just doesn’t sound plausible.

 As I’m writing this section it doesn’t feel like it needs to be saved til the end, going to continue writing though!

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Change of Profile Pic

I loved the old one but it didn’t show everything I wanted, it should have shown the word ‘START’ but due to the constraints on WordPress it just showed ‘TAR’ which looked a bit silly I thought.

Oh well, out with the old and in with the new.

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The Unveiling

As I’m writing the ending and am thinking of how the story starts and the brainstorming phase I have discovered I need to put the final big revealing moment in right at the end.  Is that the right thing to do or should it go just before the end, like the chapter before?

The end, from my knowledge, should tie up all loose ends only – what do you think?