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The Ending

I am writing the ending as we speak, just taking a quick tea swig break. I know where I want the story to finish, but only to an extent. As I’m writing I’m finding obstruction after obstruction, I’m just not able to freely write it out as it all needs mapping properly BUT this is how I would write normally, it’s just at THAT stage.

I haven’t written a novel, ever, I have wrote a lot of scripts for TV (again, silly ones but my tutor said I was destined to write for children((he even wanted me to continue on to get the Masters degree but I couldn’t afford it))but I have done my homework on how it needs to be done. The ironic thing is, is that out of all the writing that’s been done for this novel, the speaking parts have been the most challenging, when you’d think they’d be the easiest due my background – strange huh?

The lessons learnt from doing homework are:

1 – Map it all out, story, character, theme and map it out darn well <—doing tonight
2 – Write, write and write more. Then when you’re happy with it, re-write until you can’t do anymore.
3 – Make it exciting. Would I want to read it to my children? does it stand out from the crowd?
4 – Visualize everything and everyone, look for loopholes and ensure they don’t happen.

That’s all my brain can express at the mo, useful notes for when I’m going back through my blog at a later date.

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Finger In Another Pie Already

I feel like I should mention that I’m also wanting to write another book, this time a collection of them.  It’ll be aimed at 5 year olds, short books, mostly with a moral and there will be nearly 30 of them in total.  They are aimed at speaking them out loud with lots of fun tongue twists and Dr Seuss-esque alliteration.

I started writing one of them a couple of weeks ago and then, as per usual, lost interest.  I kind of want to see if I can also make this project start (haha) and have a satisfying end too.

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr Seuss

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Hmm, What To Do?

With changing the main character to a pig it means his love interest needs a change too.  Originally she was called Tilly Tissue Paper and was exactly that, a piece of tissue.  I need a good think on what animal to turn her into, I don’t know if I want another pig because a part of the story at the end would have gone like this:

Pig (name hidden) was so happy that he ran over to Tilly and was full of confidence he couldn’t stop smiling at her.  She was very excited to see him. ‘I did it Tilly!’ and in a quick burst he started to breakout into dance which the whole crowd rallied behind.  ‘Oh yeah, look at me bopping my feet, come and roll with me Tilly, come and roll’.  

It was such a strange thing to witness, a piece of ham and tissue rolling together but oddly enough it worked.

The last sentence helps add to the feel of the story and I’d like to keep it so I need to work out the love interest character and try and re jig the story a bit more. Must get my thinking cap on again!