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Where It All Started

The idea for the novel came from a New York writing competition I entered whilst studying Screenwriting for Film and TV at University. Both my husband and I entered and won in the categories we were randomly selected to write about.

The idea was to write a script which must contain a specific object within a specific theme, it must also be so many pages and be a closed ending.  If I recall rightly there were 5 days in which to complete and submit the finished script.

I was selected to write a fantasy which should be about a dishwasher.

For years the story kept coming back to me and a need to expand on the world created in the short script was something that really interested me, but nothing was ever done about it until now.

I realise, though I want the reader to feel apart of this current writing, I need to be careful about what I divulge purely to protect the story so sit back and hold tight as, over the course of time, you will be transported on the choo choo train of my writing experience.

Full steam ahead, toot toot!

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Change Of Plan

The gym didn’t happen tonight, just wasn’t feeling it, the same goes for the writing. It is OK to have a night off from it but I need to learn the right balance, especially in the early days when there’s not much steam behind this project.